In most European cities, the cost of a taxi transfer from the airport to the city centre is fixed.

Athens has one of the lowest fares, with 38€ corresponding to 1.12€/km.

Cheaper taxis, on the other hand, can be found in Istanbul (0.64€/km), Moscow (0.62€/km), Budapest (1.00€/km), Kiev (0.46€/km), Bucharest (0.56€/km) and Warsaw (0.82€/km).

The most expensive fares, on the other hand, are found in Switzerland (Geneva 6.00€/km, Zurich 5.25€/km), Nice in France (4.57€/km), Copenhagen (4.00€/km) and Düsseldorf (3.11€/km).

Naturally, in cases where airports are located several kilometres away from the city centre, transport costs are greatly increased.

For example, Milan’s airports (Bergamo and Maplensa) are 52 and 50 km from the city centre, with fares of €105 and €95 respectively.

The situation is similar in London, where all four of the city’s airports are among the top ten most expensive airports for taxi fares.

A transfer from Stansted to the city centre costs €104 (€1.65/km), from Luton €99 (€1.80/km), from Gatwick €93 (€1.98/km) and from Heathrow €77 (€2.85/km).

The same applies to the Mallorca Palma airport. Taxis are much more expensive than the island of Rhodes.